The Web is Open to Transparency for Individuals Using Social Media

It is true that many people cannot function without their smartphone, but it is more realistic to say that most people cannot function without their favorite social media. To the point that it would make people think that physical contact is not longer a viable option to communicate with there friends, but all this media may have some unintended consequences. The web has been known to display some of the worst in people, such as leaked sexual tapes and predator chat lines, but with the popularity of social media our favorite applications may be unknowingly altering our behavior. Many people are very well aware of the consequences that an unplanned Youtube video that could have on someones career, one great example would be of the presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his famous “47%” speech, but besides Youtube there are many social media websites that could demonstrate the secret lives of many young people.

Social media along with the advancement of technology has prompted the idea that people need to be careful about what they do, and what they say next to their friends who carry the latest technology that can instantly upload anything to all social media mediums. The idea is simple, don’t do anything embarrassing or anything that could potentially hinder your employability, but to many young people this lesson was learned after the fact.  One great reminder about how open the world is to there friends cameras is the show Tosh.O, a show were young people and old people alike are shown under the most reviling of circumstances. Though to some people this new transparency is a venue for success, the most famous example is easily the “hide your kids, hide you wife” man that used his Youtube video to gain national notoriety and took the laughter and judgments of others all the way to the bank. Regardless the feelings you may have on the matter we life in a society that is transparent and with the popularity of social media and smartphones young people need to be careful on what they post knowingly and what they do in their daily life’s.

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