Cartoons Swear Also

When I was growing up, I remember waking up early and watching cartoons every Saturday morning. I use to watch educational programs as well as adventurous shows. My favorite channels were Cartoon Network and Nick Toons. They only played cartoons for the young kids. Today is different. I turn to Cartoon Network and I see real people. Real people as in human beings talking, instead of cartoon drawings with voice-overs. The shows that are cartoons are not good for kids either.  These newly found shows that air on children’s networks have swearing in them. They contain adult content and curse words.

Shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and Black Dynamite have terrible content. Sometimes these shows contain a lot of curse words, and dirty situations. At night, cartoon network is not made for kids. It is for a mature audience that is at least 18 years of age or older. The shows air real life problems, alcoholics, sex, and swearing. I remember watching an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants around the year 2000. There was an episode where Sponge Bob learned to swear from a sailor. Even though the show was about cursing, the blocked out the words with the sound of a dolphin. Not today.  These cartoons curse each other out and fight.

It seems like the FDA is allowing more leeway for shows to be out the norm. The rules are becoming more relaxed. Cartoon channels are not even airing all cartoons anymore. I do not know how I feel about it. Maybe if I had kids I would not agree with all the swearing these cartoons are doing.

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