President Obama Promises a Better Peformance for Presidential Debate No. 2

On October 3, 2012 at approximately 9pm, millions of Americans across the nation tuned in to what would be the first of four Presidential Debates.  There were the issues of taxation, medicare/healthcare, and education among others that were discussed and very well debated upon. However, the polls were up for one candidate over the other, which in turn, some say, made some question both sides in both positive and negative ways. According to the article, ABC’s Diane Sawyer had a interview with President Obama in regards to his stance, how he felt he did versus what was being said of him in regards to the Presidential Debate.

The polls turned out that Governor Mitt Romney won the debate and came out strong. There were points where he always looked President Obama in the eye when debating his viewpoint on the issues presented. In the interview with Diane Sawyer, she even brought up the Democratic analyst Mr. Carver even said that it appeared as though President Obama was not all there nor showed interest. The President went on to fight that statement in replying that he simply “had a bad day.” He didn’t want to stress that fact because he firmly stated that he will fight harder and bold with the upcoming debate this upcoming Tuesday.

He also commented on why it appeared that Gov. Mitt Romney was well spoken. He stated that he was changing and clouding his point of view on issues that he clearly stood by for over a year in a half. The prime example was of that featuring abortion.  Last night in a rally in North Carolina, Gov. Mitt Romney clouded his viewpoint by stating that he is pro-life, stated the President. I know I will be tuning in next Tuesday to hear them both debate the issues they hold so dear. President Obama stated in his interview as well that he has remained firm in every issue since the beginning of his term in office and will continue to do so. He is also very confident that he will win the Presidential election.


This article was found on via ABC News

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