The Web is Ours. We Own the Web.

The Web is us.  We are the Web.  It is our center of communication, collaboration, and imagination.  Our ideas, opinions, creativity, passions, and connections all stem from the world wide web.  We as humans have shaped everything that appears on the Web.  Whether it is a blog, a Facebook post, a website, a photo collage, or a YouTube video, it is all a personal creation by you.  That is why the Web should remain an open, public resource free of charge, regulation, and interference.

We use the Web for obtaining information, sharing our ideas, keeping up to date on the news, connecting with loved ones, using our imagination, and collaborating with others.  The Web is a vital medium by which we stay connected with the world and maintain our democracy.  Taking away this freedom in any way would be violating our rights as Americans.  Nowadays, everything costs money.  As a public entity created by us, the Web should be the one thing that is free of charge.  It is a medium of open information that we should have unlimited access to no matter our pay grade.

In order to maintain democracy, our freedom of speech, and our right to create whatever we want on the Web must be protected.  Any government regulation, authority, or consent of what we create would be preventing us from the “open standards” that the Web provides us.  Not to mention, there have been issues with the government and other organizations interfering with citizens’ privacy.  Our interactions on the internet are our business.  Encroaching on that boundary would be a major violation of our right to privacy.  The Web is only as open and free as the rules and regulations that bind it.  Thus, we need to protect it from becoming a product of government interference.

Without the Web, our world would be nowhere near as advanced and connected as it is today.  The Web allows us to open our minds and share ideas, creating endless possibilities.  We as humans must protect the future of this precious entity from corruption.  We must take control of this public resource and use it for all it is worth.  The Web is ours.  We own the Web.

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