Television Is More than a Vast Wasteland and if Not What Else Is There to Replace It?

For some to say that television is a vast wasteland, I can’t help but think what they use as a replacement. Could it be Internet, reading, exercise? No matter what you use as a replacement, too much of anything can be a bad thing. Yes too much television may not be beneficial, but in moderation it has a lot of great benefits. The benefits that come from television can help to promote a healthy lifestyle in various forms. Whether it is through mental, social, or physical stimulation, in my opinion television serves as a key component to many people’s lives. One way that television helps to promote mental stimulation is by allowing its viewers to venture to distant lands and experience a different culture. Despite the fact that you may not be physically there, the information you can attain from watching a documentary or a TV special is sufficient enough to stimulate the mind without having to leave the comfort of your home. Television can also promote social interaction with others through the “water cooler effect”. Many people gather together on certain nights to watch a certain TV show. This builds relationship amongst family and others that you may see the next day. Everybody wants to know the latest in entertainment. Television also connects others in social media sites because most people want to share their opinions live as a show progresses. Television also features infomercials and other exercise programs. Many people use these as a quick workout without actually having to buy the product or may even spark their interest in joining that certain program. Television has been around for years and I myself can attest to the things I have learned from it and how it has shaped me to be who I am.

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