Technology: The Need for Improvement

Is it possible that all of today’s technology is going to waste? Though some uses of technology are more or less significant than others, there are most certainly changes that can be made to improve the use of our technological communication systems. The United States political system when it comes to campaigning is a perfect example of an area that can use some major improvement through the means of technology.

The United States political system is not making good use of the available technology. It seems kind of silly that in order to run as a political candidate at virtually any level, one much cough up grand amounts of money in order to gain access to the airwaves which broadcast campaign information. Those who may not have as much financial support as others are immediately set back due to the costliness of public airwaves. Also, due to the time constraints, messages are not thorough whatsoever. This is in area in which messages should be detailed and informative, since it is a factor in selecting potential leaders of our community or even our entire nation. In Newton Minow’s article titled “A Vaster Wasteland”, he states that ” the Court is wrong in thinking that money is speech and speech is money”. I could not have said it better myself, this obsession with surrounding political campaigns around money needs to stop. The public should have a right to access campaigning through means beyond the costly methods that are used today. With the growing technology in our society, positive change is definitely possible.

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