What Will Change In The Next Fifty Years?

Technology has shaped the world in many ways. We have the ability to talk to a person thousands of miles away through a telephone, send pictures through air, and watch television shows through a screen in the living room. With these advancements comes a great change in society and the way people act. In the article, “A Vaster Wasteland”, Newton Minow explains how much has changed in the past fifty years and how much more will change in the upcoming fifty. He argues that we need values accompanying these extreme changes. I can see where he is coming from because there has been such a difference in how young kids act these days compared to kids born in the nineties and earlier.

One can find anything and post anything on the Internet. I believe we already have freedom of thought and speech through the most technology, including the Internet. Yet, I’ve read that some countries block certain things on the Internet and their citizens cannot see it. I hope America never does that because our country has been built on the basis of freedom. This is one goal Minow believes should be kept throughout the next fifty years along with more technology in education. I believe we should use technology for education but not completely. Technology is used in the classroom very often these days, and I hope it wouldn’t advance anymore. I don’t think it is right for kids to read from their iPads rather than a book. Staring at a screen cannot be good for you in the long run and it is always more fun holding a paperback compared to an expensive crack-a-ble device. There will be many advancements in the next fifty years and beyond, we just have to make sure we stick to certain values through the digital age.

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