They are finally here! The iPhone 5S and 5C

With the release of Apple’s newest phones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, lines were around the block and people were excited! This past Thursday is when these two new pieces of technology became available to the public. Long time iPhone users and even newcomers to the device lined up before sunrise to hopefully get their hands on one of the new phones. Now you ask yourself what is the big deal about these two phones? The 5s looks exactly the same as the 5 and the 5c just comes in a bunch of different colors. Well actually there are some huge improvements that came with these new iPhones over their predecessor: the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5C offers users a lot more than the 5 did. One of the biggest improvements is the new A7 chip. The A7 chip lets the phone do all its duties faster than the iPhone 5, which means apps, will be faster along with web browsing. The 5S and 5C both come with a new camera with a higher megapixel than their predecessor. With the new camera it allows users the ability to shoot video in 120 frames per second slow-mo and the new camera also has better autofocussing capabilities. The 5S comes with a thumbprint scanner, which means you no longer have to passcode your phone. Instead you just put your thumb on the home button and it will unlock your phone.

I personally own a iPhone 5 and would love to pick a 5S up soon but what I am really waiting for is the iPhone 6!

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