Mystery Clown Scares a Town in England

If you have coulrophobia, an extreme fear of clowns, living in this British town might not be the right choice for you.

Since Friday the 13th, a man dressed up as a spooky clown would stand around different corners of a town called Northampton in London. At around dusk, he would come out in a full clown outfit holding balloons or sometimes even a teddy bear. As people would pass by he would just give them an eerie smile and not speak a word. He looked like something out of Stephen King’s “IT” movie which was the reason why a lot of people started to fear clowns. Many around this town were terrified, as anyone would be, and the story of this mystery clown made national headlines. He even has Facebook fan page to post pictures of himself which accumulated over 150 thousand likes. He also posts status to combat rumors about himself. Some people believed that he was dangerous or carrying a knife to which he said, “Too much hate, not enough love. No I am not carrying a knife on me. That’s just stupid rumors.”

He has spoken, anonymously of course, to multiple London newspapers saying that he “only wants to entertain.” However, most of the people living in this town believe that he is just playing a prank seeing as he does not juggle, do tricks or anything that an “entertaining” clown would do. He seems to use the scare or mystery tactic to get attention from the town.

Even though most of the town is afraid or creeped out, they still want to know the identity of the clown, which is still a mystery.

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