Alien Life Form Claimed to be Discovered

A recent report has been released that claims to prove the existence of alien life. Recently a group of British scientists sent a weather balloon high up into the stratosphere. On retrieval it was discovered that there were several microscopic life forms. The scientists claim that life forms of this size would not be in the stratosphere. The life forms seem to be closely related to a diatom (a unicellular algae). Since these life forms aren’t from below, the scientists believe they may be from above. They hypothesize that these diatoms were transported here via some comet that left its debris in the atmosphere.

Yet, there has been some debate to how confirming this evidence is. Many other scientists say this evidence is far from conclusive and can mean a number of things. Firstly, there has been little to no biochemical evidence or research. To confirm that these creatures are truly stellar, the evidence would be in the DNA. The protein organization would have to be completely different then the life forms of Earth. The chance of these life forms being similar in any way to Earth life would be slim to none, therefore it must be something completely alien to us.

Also, the same scientific community that is releasing this finding, was recently scrutinized for pre maturely releasing a similar finding but they claimed to had found life forms fossilized in comets. The last claim was eventually proven wrong and many scientists believe it isn’t long before this one becomes just another rejected finding.

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