iPhone 5S Review

I never thought I would be the person to wait in line for a new cell phone. I used to (and still) laugh at people who camp outside for anything, really. However, this past Friday I found myself at the Sprint store at 8 A.M. Why was I at the Sprint store so early? Oh you know, just to purchase an iPhone 5S.

Even though I got to the store early, I was told that the only phones available were the phones that were “space grey” and 64 GB’s. It was early and I was frustrated by the poor customer service, but I caved anyway and got that 64 GB monster phone (which actually wasn’t that much more money).

A lot of the features of the iPhone 5S are similar to well, every other iPhone (especially if you upgraded to the latest operating system). One thing that differs is the camera which has immensely improved considering the fact that prior to this, I had an iPhone 4S.

Another new facet to the 5S is the fingerprint scanner. Instead of having to type in a passcode, you now can just place your thumb on the fingerprint scanner. This new addition makes life a lot easier for people whose phones often go idle.

What angers me about this phone is its inability to sync to my computer. I have a Macbook with a slightly older operating system and because of that, I can no longer transfer items from my computer to my phone.

Apple is known for doing this, though. They see desperate customers who are willing to do anything to fix their problem and just like that, a customer ends up shelling out even more money.

I’m not going to let Apple get the best of me and my wallet (even more than they already have, anyway). I haven’t figured out how I’ll get my music on my phone yet but it definitely won’t consist of purchasing another type of software.

With this glitch aside, I do like the phone and while it is super fragile, I would recommend it to others. However, if you are prone to breaking items, I would stick with the iPhone 5C, a cheaper version that isn’t so fragile.

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