Lawless Enjoyment: Harmless Fun or Ultimate Vice?

There can be no question that the grand theft auto games pretty much run the video game industry for an “open world sand box” type of genre that allows players to practically do whatever the please without any real world consequences. The developers at Rockstar games have just recently released their latest iteration of the game called, “Grand Theft Auto V” which has swept the nation in entertainment news this week. Basic plot line revolves around the three main protagonists: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor as they are drawn into the world of high stakes bank heist among other illegal activities. One might that a video game that allows the player to free roam and do whatever the please would be a good thing, but all too often we as Americans forgot how impressionable these videogames can be on our children and teenagers since a good majority of them are the ones playing these violent and sadistic games.

However, speaking as a third party member I work for GameStop and have sold this game to countless people of all age groups-with parental permission of course-and never really bother to question the ramifications that such a game can have on an impressionable child’s mind. Rarely do we ever get customer who ask us if a particular game is age appropriate for their teenager to play, since by now they’ve just giving up to the whims and wishes of the kid. The ironic part about any violent games-like Grand Theft V-is that most gamers strongly voice their opinion against the government enacting any rule that prohibits the sale of “M” rated games in America just because some kid got injured or killed attempting a stunt he or she saw in a video game. I guess the only really question is how long takes before it’s our own family members who get hurt by the indirect actions of these addictive video games due to some lunatic acting out his or her twisted fantasy.

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