Is Hazing Worth A Lifelong Bond for Fraternities and Sororities?

College is the time to find out the career path you wish to go on, make some memories, and gain friendships that will last you a lifetime. Along with the numerous organizations and events a student can get involved with, some students choose to go the Greek route.

Greek life is a gender oriented organization that allows large number of students to be a part of a sorority or fraternity where they bond with diverse groups of students among their school. Girls will become a part of sorority where they may opt to volunteer to their local community all the while making valuable lifetime friendships and experiences. For men, they can join a fraternity where they can participate in social aspects as well as plan events amongst their brothers and school. For many generations, Greeks pass down values and traditions to new members hoping to expand their chapters from year to year and school to school.

Although Greek life may sound like the way to go, these sororities and fraternities must follow rules and regulations according to the schools PanHellenic and IFC chapters. These chapters set a guideline and blue print for these various types of Greek affiliated organizations. Once these Greek organizations become chapters, they often recruit new members every fall and spring term. One negative connotation around these organizations is the hazing that can occur when rushing to become a new member for a certain sorority or fraternity. According to, hazing is any form of embarrassment, ridicule, physical or mental harm, or unwillingness to participate in any involuntary activity imposed by a sorority or fraternity member during their pledging period (typically six to eight weeks). Unfortunately, some  members of these organizations feel as though new members pledging to become a potential new member must go through a series of humiliating or insulting acts to the pledge to become deem able to join that certain Greek affiliation.  Although throughout the recent years, PanHellenic and IFC have stepped in to discourage hazing among pledges and already members of the organizations. Some fraternities and sororities may take light of hazing and might make pledges do something as simple as being a designated driver on certain nights to some of the current members. Some organizations have taken a blunt force on hazing by completely embarrassing or humiliating a pledge. These organizations provide great networking opportunities as well as friendships down the road, it boils down to how committed and dedicated you are to  become part of that certain Greek life organization.

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