One Night of Fun or One Night that Ruined Your Life

All over the world college (by any of its names) is synonymous with partying and carefree living.  Here at the University of Central Florida it is no different.  Students have been receiving emails from the Housing and Residence Life Department of UCF regarding the increase in number of students partaking in college drinking parties, and requiring hospitalization thereafter.

Drinking, and under-aged drinking, on college campuses have gotten out of hand.  Students live for the moment and a lot of them regret their actions in the days following.  There have been innumerable sexual assault cases in which alcohol consumption played a role.  Not every case has evidence to back it up, but that does not diminish the severity of the situation.

Recently, such a sexual assault case has come to fruition.  Joseph Hernandez was arrested and charged with sexual battery following a night of partying on one of UCF’s residential halls.  The alleged victim was not named, but claims that both parties were drunk and that a sexual assault did occur.  Based on the evidence, it is unlikely Hernandez will receive a guilty verdict, but his charges may be dropped to lesser charges.  Whether or not he serves jail time with regards to this case, Hernandez’s life is over before it even began.

One night of partying and fun will result in a permanent spot on the Registered Sexual Offenders list.  Hernandez is nineteen and a recent transfer student into UCF.  Upon being accused of sexual battery he was expelled from the university, arrested, kicked out of his apartment, and served with a court date.  What happened to Hernandez could happen to anyone.  College students are carefree by nature, but they neglect to see the long-term affect of their actions.

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