Justin Timberlake’s Preformance at The 2013 Video Music Awards

The VMA’s (Video Music Awards) is a music event broadcasted on MTV that people all across America look forward to every year. They have the best performances, or even some of the worst. This year’s Worst Performance award goes to Miley Cyrus; America was deeply confused in unison. However, the best performance of the night hands down belongs to the one and only, the legend, Justin Timberlake.
His performance was exactly 15 minutes and 24 seconds long. Who knew that in approximately 15 minutes, I could be taken all the way back to my childhood and more. I was borderline emotional, with a million memories flashing through my mind and at the same time totally, and utterly taken by the most perfect man entertaining me right there from the comfort of my home.
Justin Timberlake has worked so hard throughout his life and has made such a success story for himself. I was inspired to write my own success story, even if mine ends up a little less glamorous than his. Also, I was genuinely excited, happy, and proud of someone that I don’t know personally and that I have never even seen in person before. The way that he must have felt is probably indescribable, his parents watching in the crowd as he finished the biggest performance of his career thus far and the millions of fans chanting his name. It is in my belief that if you can make someone you don’t even know feel such respect and have such pride in you, then you have most definitely accomplished an amazing effort. I hope that I to can make a stranger feel that strongly for me one day. Will I ever know if they do? Maybe not but wherever I am, and whoever I’m with, I hope that one day I’ll be saying to myself, “I feel like Justin Timberlake at the 2013 VMA awards.”

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