Too Much Information Causes Confusion

It is unlikely to meet someone today who does not own an Email account, Facebook, Twitter, newspaper subscription, or television set with cable. Everyday millions of users log on to their social media accounts to catch up on the latest information in the palm of their hands. They are constantly notified of everything around them; from where the President will be making his next speech, to their high school buddy’s new child being born. With emails and push notifications flowing into their smart phones, laptops, or television screens, the amount of information being thrown at a user in one day can overwhelm anyone. It is easy to research any topic on the Internet in today’s time but why does there need to be a million pages with an abundance amount of useless information on it? As humans, simplicity is the root of perfection. The easier it is to follow, the quicker it will be understood. Although it is vital to be informed and educated, it is not necessary to own six different social media sites that provide faulty or cluttered data. We get wrapped up on the Internet for hours when we can easily find it in print on a shelf collecting dust. Although the Internet provides quick, useful information at the convenience of your home, it also displays an enormous amount of sites and networks that often repeat the same information. It’s too much to keep up with! A simple email regarding a business plan with contact information for those who have questions is more than enough for users. Yet we seem to receive emails and memos with more pages than clarity. Mass communications should be at best simple with all the means of incoming information sent in today’s world.

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