Respect is lost in the Relm of the Television Medium.

In today’s world, we press the power button of your remotes to witness the exposure of reality TV and shows that empower what media feels is the way of life. What will come of this misuse of guidance from the creative minds of these producers and storywriters?  Will our world self-destruct right before our very eyes?

I think at the rate our society has progressed, we (women) have fallen into a great depression in the efforts of how we live our day to day lives, especially in this generation of young adolescent. We feel the pressure to live the lifestyle presented on television. Society tells us that partying at nightclubs and having sex with rich over achieving men is living the American Life. We witness young women belittling their self-worth and even each other’s on reality shows such as Bad Girls where they fight each other and throw themselves at may man they see. These women in the result of wanting to be viewed as the ultimate “bad girl” loses what is primarily important to themselves, their self-respect.

It’s sad to see that women in our day in age have lost sight in what women before us has fought so long for. There was a point in the world where women were viewed merely as objects that were put to use. And now it seems that we have reverted back to those days. The most important thing that women have fought so hard for along with equality was respect and now because of the messages the television medium has produced, we have lost sight of that.

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