We’ve Worked Hard for Equality, but We’ll Settle for Sex Symbols

Hundreds of years have gone by, and women have proved to be just as successful as men. It’s not rare to see a women hold the position of being a wife and mother as she over looks the city in a spacious office as a CEO of a wealthy law firm. Women now hold jobs and tittles just as prestigious as their partners all the while wearing five inch heels. Women craved to obtain power and sought out to prove they could handle just as much, if not more responsibilities as men. A dream women desired for years is now washing away as women show off everything but their intelligence and motivation.

Strong, intelligent, motivated, successful, and generous; aspects that women have strived to embody for years. Not every female wants to be the bread winner of the family, or the next state politician, which is understandable, but women have turned to their looks to get ahead. women sometimes use attractiveness to their advantage towards the opposite or same sex to get a higher paying job or a job with greater benefits; and by all means, to each is own. However, women today use their assets to make big money by becoming a sex symbol. Risqué photo shoots and spread sheets in magazines or even explicit videos to earn a living is nothing out of the ordinary. Since when is the female body the equivalence of obtaining a PhD or real estate license? If getting naked to get ahead is the norm in today’s culture, then why have women been working for equality for years? It is ironic for women to degrade themselves after all these hard years of work to finally reach justice.

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