Top Spring Break 2014 Destinations for College Students

Every year hundreds of thousands of college students make grand plans to spend a week at some exotic location partying and having the time of their lives. Their are certain locations that appeal to the college student more than others. Basically a place needs to be sunny and affordable to catch the eye of a student.

One of the most popular locations is Cancun, Mexico. With many different things to do; such as the beach or site seeing. Students will never find themselves with nothing to do with the Mayan Pyramids and car ride away and the bar a short walk away. Since so many students go to Cancun for spring break, Cancun has meal plans and party packages for the students that make it even more easy and affordable to go to.

Daytona, Florida has for decades been one of the hottest places to go to for spring break. Although the raging daytime party scene and the infamous spring break contests that used to define Daytona Beach Spring Break have moved elsewhere over the past decade, Daytona’s nightlife is still hot. Making Daytona Beach one of the best places for a student to spend their most treasured week of there year.

The British Virgin Islands is for the college student with a little it more money in their pocket and are willing to spend it for a beautiful and exotic get away. In the BVIs people can grab a boat and go island to island for restaurants, bars and excursions unique to every island. People can also snorkel and look at some of the most pristine reefs to be seen.

Although some of these places may be out of your price range, as long as you have some good friends and the sun, you can have a memorable and fun spring break wherever you may be.

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