Viral ‘Flappy Bird’ Game says Goodbye for Good

Maybe you have heard of the viral game Flappy Bird? It was available on both the Apple Store and Google Play until February 9, 2014 when it was removed by creator. The game was simplistic, the user guides ‘Flappy Bird’ through a series of  pipes without hitting anything. The ultimate goal is to achieve a high score.

The game’s developer Dong Nguyen, 29, from Vietnam, told The Los Angeles Times he feels guilty about how successful and addictive the game has become. He also posted on his twitter that “ruins my simple life.” He says he did not take down the game due to copyright infringement.

The game was estimated to be bringing in $50,000.00 a day from advertising. All of the popularity and revenue from the game had people wondering if Nguyen would sell the game. However Nguyen says he will not sell the game. According to The Los Angeles Times people are now selling phones on Ebay and Cregslist that include the Flappy Bird application installed.

Dong Nguyen says that his decision was the right one. He claimed that he was not sleeping and uncomfortable with the successful of his game. He will continue to create games and put them up for download. “Flappy Bird was designed to play in a few minutes when you are relaxed.”

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