True Love Is More Than Saying I Love You

Love is an emotion based on give and take when you’re involved romantically, anyone choosing to embark on this journey should be aware of this.

In a relationship one has to be willing to compromise for those involved.
A big thing to consider is removing me and I from your vocabulary, not saying lose your identity, but you have to think of more than yourself. This can be trying, but it is an essential part of any relationship, if it is to last.

In my opinion, this is the cause of such a high divorce rate in our society. Love is abandoned when two people joined in marriage continue to have an individualistic mind set.

That very mindset leads to arguments, why, because when you think of only yourself there is a feeling that you are right in your choices. That is all an argument is, two parties feeling they are right.

The reality of the matter is love is neither right nor wrong because it is not expressed in words, only in action. Anyone can say I love you, take for example, men that abuse women, they always say, after the damage is done, I’m sorry and I love you, but their actions show otherwise.

That leads me to this, love should never be based on conditions. Often people express their love  in words, but when a condition is broken they deny the, so called love they claim to have. That is contrary to everything love stands for. Anyone can love when all is right, but it is not until calamities come, and they will, that true feelings are revealed.

Finally, I wish to say that none of the things mentioned above matter, unless, you first love yourself. Because you cannot give what you do not have.

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