Twitter: The Best Real-Time and Possibly Inaccurate News Source

When Twitter first began it started off as a website for sharing what you are doing at any given moment with other people online. However, as the social media giant grew, Twitter became a powerful social networking tool for both business and personal use alike. It’s now used for networking, building traffic, business advertising, and the given, social communication.

Although the overwhelming response to Twitter was greatly accepted, its now becoming a huge problem in the sense of accuracy and reliability. Businesses, invertors, and users alike all look towards Twitter for the most real time information. Still, not all the information that comes out of the Twitter universe is necessary true. Just recently, the Boston marathon bombing led to a manhunt not only in Massachusetts, but online as well. Which led many, including myself, to follow the fast paced, and mostly inaccurate real-time Twitter commentary.

Twitter has always had a problem with accuracy. There are a whole lot of voices, and most of its information flows too quickly. Although in all fairness, it was never meant to be a credible news source. Even so, Twitter may begin to face legal action if it can’t maintain the security of its users, and the accuracy of its information. Just recently, a false tweet from a hacked highly reliable news source claimed that the White House had been bombed and the president had been seriously injured, causing a fall in the stock market.

Overall, Twitter should be like anything else on the Internet, don’t take it for face value.  Twitter needs to prove that it takes its power seriously and operates it accordingly.


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