Why Activism Is Important in The Community Today

Being active within the community does not only benefit the surroundings you live in but internally as well. Having a vocal and persistant voice can dramatically influence the cause that you are fighting for, i.e. AIDS/HIV awareness, Women’s Reproductive Health, or Saving the Music in our schools. It is so important to be aware of what is going on in our communties and our nation. Too many times we as Americans take for granted the rights that we have. An even bigger issue is trying to maintain our basic American rights. All throughout history we have had millions working tirelessly and even dying for something that they believe in. Activism can affect us all and we must wake up to take back what rightfully belongs to us as human beings and American citizens. There can be no change if we don’t stand up for an issue!This means educating your self is key to effectively making a change in the community.  Maybe you are thinking that because it doesnt affect you directly, there is no need to advocate. When an issue doesn’t affect you directly, it will affect you indirectly. For example, Years down the line the government finally bans abortion in all states. Your daughter’s daughter is hugely impacted by this because her rights as a woman have been stripped away. You could have had an impact on this issue if you would have educated your community on the importance of safe sex in our schools and better access to health care facilities. Activism is a fundemental part in our nation’s history; utilizing our right to free speech. It is ultimately up to you in being proactive and taking a stand on issues that continually affect our nation. Fiercly act and fight for what you believe in!

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