UCF Parking Wars 2013: Are You Prepared?

I’ve told you before not to write a 3-word headline. Please check the instructions I gave for writing blogs.

Before I got my car, I heard terrible tales from my friends and strangers alike about the parking at UCF, also known as Parking Lot Wars *cues dramatic music*. As a long time passenger in these wars, I’ve seen road rage the likes of which a normal parking lot has never seen. Honking horns, explicit language, and actual physical confrontation…all to park closer to the library! As crazy as it sounds I was actually pretty grateful when I didnt have a car, I didnt have to worry about buying a decal or being late for class because I was trying to find parking. Life was sweet.

August 2013 I finally got my car and I to became a soldier in the Parking Lot Wars. I learned the hard way that I must leave my house at least and hour early just to leave a gap for me to find parking (I live 5 min away from campus). I had to build up my senses to gauge whether or not a person walking in the lot was leaving or just passing through and to be confident when another car challenged whether or not I saw the space first. I had to learn the times Parking Services stopped ticketing so I could park anywhere but most importantly and also ironically Parking Lot Wars taught me to be more cautious and not to sweat the small stuff. A parking spot isn’t worth your stress levels going up or possible confrontation.

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