What Has Technology Done to the World?

With inventions, there is always change. In the article, “Five Things We Need to Know about Technological Change” I reflected on the history of technology in many ways. This article made me realize how technology is a part of everyone’s life and most people couldn’t even imagine their world without it. With all of these new inventions, it is easier to do many things and get to many places. Yet, just because technology makes life easier, does not mean that it makes life better. These new gadgets and gizmos come with disadvantages and most people do not even realize how they affect the world around them.

It is insane how some of the population believes that devices come out of nowhere, as if they are “myths.” God did not give us these advancements; they are man-made and not created by nature. This is not healthy because then they are treated as if they cannot be changed, and that they will always be with us. That is dangerous, people should not rely on technology for their daily lives the same way they rely on rain to water their yards (which is now probably taken over by a water sprinkler). I enjoy technology and its benefits, but I do not enjoy their disadvantages. I feel like life back in the day was much more pure and loving than it is now. Technology ruins the planet and people do not realize the impact it has on their home, Earth. I just wish that people could take a break from their smart phones and enjoy the beauty of the world around them. Change is inevitable, we just need to realize what is best for the planet and ourselves.

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