Google – the amazing search engine that unveils the world before our eyes

Google is at the top of the most known companies in the world, making itself even bigger than Coca Cola and GE. Even though most people recognize Google as just a search engine, it is actually a much larger company, which owns YouTube, Google Mail, Google Maps, the Android format, among other things.

The search engine part of Google is known and used world wide today. The internet, which used to be “dark” and disconnected just less than 20 years ago, it is now linked together thanks to companies such as Google, which allow a person to look for specific content. Millions of users use Google on a daily basis, and while Google “possess” all the information online, it does not own it.

Google’s great revenue does not come from the search engine however, but from the advertisement. If you use Google’s free email or their search engine, you will most likely see the ads on the side of the screen. The ads are not random advertisement. They are usually related to your searches and the information you allow Google to access online.

Google has grown to be such a part of our culture that their name has now become a verb. People will often refer to googling when searching for information online. This search engine allows us to access any information in a matter of seconds. Now we all have unlimited access to huge amounts of information allowing us to have access to the world at the tip of our fingers.

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