What is Mass Media and Why is it Important?

Mass Media is becoming one of the most used form media around. It can be in varies different forms and is intended to reach large amount of people around the world or just in the a specific area. Mass Media is has also been referred to as mainstream media because many times sticks to one story for several days ignoring breaking news. Broadcast media, also known as electronic media. They transfer the media electronically through television, radio, movies, CD’s, and other items like cameras and video cameras. Another form is print media. Using this type of mass media mean that people are sending out their information in newspaper, magazines, brochures, newsletters, and pamphlets. The organization that control these or are in the publishing or in television stations are known as the mass media. These people or publishers and producers are responsible for what the people see or read. Mass Media is important because many people around the world rely on this type of media for news and entertainment. This is a huge industry.

As I said before mass media is meant to hit a large amount of people across the country. This is going to be national news channels like CNN or MSNBC. Local Media covers the smaller news that is happening around your area or in your state. This is going to be local new station and local news paper. For example the Orlando Sentinel. This type of media reaches thousands of people everyday to entertain and educate the viewers.

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