When Did Face-to-Face Communication Become a Dying Art?

Living in today’s world it is so easy to make your life readily available to others. Why wonder what I’m thinking about when you can have access to my Facebook and Twitter pages? Oh, and don’t worry about what I wore today, that’s posted on my Instagram. Social media has become the quintessential way to communicate. Some of us wake up in the mornings and update our statuses on social media sites, and check our e-mails before rolling over and getting out of bed.

The digital age we live in has caused many of us to forget how communicate with one another without the usage of the Internet and social media. Face-to-face communication has become so awkward and difficult, that the mere thought of it is unpleasant. What happened to those days where you would have to sit down with someone or give them a call to figure out what’s going on in his or her lives? Being in that present moment reassured the other that you are listening and engaging in what they have to say.  It’s difficult to be in the here and now when your phone keeps buzzing every two minutes with a text or comment from your social media page. What about when you first met someone, you would exchange numbers, schedule a meetup, get to know one another. Psst… Nowadays when you meet someone, you’re not exchanging numbers and planning to meetup. Nope, you’re adding each other on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to get to know them, this will be your only median to do so.

Being able to communicate face-to-face has become a dying art. It’s something special about observing others, making eye contact with those you truly care about and being able to connect with someone (family, friend, significant other) mentally, spiritually and emotionally face-to-face. We have to get back to the days where we can put the phone down and connect with others, without being distracted by our phones, iPods and tablets.


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