Crowd Surveillance through a Hydrodynamics Lens

Scientist’s have found ways to survey many large crowds in different settings that  moves and flows like particles in a liquid. While monitoring  this highly dense technique, scientist use security cameras and personnel for safety reasons and protection. Explores and researchers found techniques that can be used in real-world scenarios to help with solutions to the crowd gatherings. Researchers believed that in these big crowds interaction forces tend to dominate the motion of people. This can be said to be in contrast with how gases and particles move during the fast acting change of liquids. When it comes to the behavioral aspect of the crowd reactions, methodologist used many different types of charts, scales, algorithms and segmentation to understand how each individual reacted in the dense crowd controlled atmosphere. The charts focused on three things such as crowd segmentation, behavior analysis, and tracking. Some of the test and observations can be used to track a single or particular person in a crowd. Researchers also looked at how groups of individuals interact during abnormal behavior with each other. Many of the hydrodynamic tests were done from an overhead view so that everyone could be seen. A lot of times people become invisible by obstructions in the way and by minimal movement of a person that couldn’t be seen from a side or rear view. This technique is also much more objective than profiling because it monitors crowd behavior as a whole and does not single out a particular group to be monitored. The information about crowd surveillance compared to liquid testing can be used in a lot of ways. For instance, the algorithms and charts can be used to track high density crowds during political events. When the president was inaugurated, the crowd in Washington DC was very dense and fits the criteria for being monitored using the techniques. The police, secret service, and security can use this high density tracking method to find individuals that deviate from the normal behavior of the crowd. With this procedure, it might be easy for them to find people of interest or assassins that are trying to plot on high ranking officials.

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