Multitasking Leads to Memory Meltdown

After reading Sharon Begley’s article on information overload I began to have flashbacks of this past fall semester. I believe that my academic suffrage was due to one factor. I tried to handle too many tasks at once, which caused my brain to shutdown.

To understand why I had a memory meltdown you must first know and understand all that I was involved in last semester. I was not only a full time student, but I also worked about fifteen hours a week at the Recreation and Wellness Center, and was also an intern at WKMG Local 6 new station. Now there are those of you who may think that my problems could have been merely solved by better time management, but that is a task easier said then done. Last semester I got a promotion at my job. I went from working at the front desk as a card swiper to an office assistant in the administration office. As great as the pay raise was, it came with a large price. I had to learn how to handle finances and other tedious task in the office that were unfamiliar to me. Aside from my job I also had an internship with WKMG Local 6 where I had to always look up newsworthy stories and write articles, as well as pay attention to social media almost 24/7. In all, my job and internship were two extra classes in my book. With all the new information I was learning at one time added to little rest, it left me drained and with a brain that reached it’s maximum capacity.

In today’s society I believe there are one millions of people, especially students who can share my testimony. It’s hard to resist the temptation of multitasking. I didn’t have to intern and work, but with a society pressuring me to do more and more with my time, it’s hard to stop and take a breather.  I feel like if I’m not doing a million things I’m being lazy. Have any of you ever felt like you pushed yourself to edge when you didn’t need to?

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