Who really is accountable when it comes to the news?

Who really is accountable when it comes to the news? Many people swear by a news source, and others condemn that same news source with every bone in their body. Who is to say what or who everyone should believe? The same goes for bloggers and citizen journalists. Who is to tell readers that newspaper or broadcast news are more reliable. Many companies have policies that prohibit their news teams from revealing certain things, or a legal responsibility. Others have affiliates or partners that are illegally functioning, but because of their relationship to the company go unchallenged. Plus, who wants to lose steady advertising dollars on a measly little story that will be forgotten about tomorrow? The fact that media sources are media sources leaves room for question when it comes to reliability and conviction.  This can work both ways- an affiliation or partner can also be very influential on how the news can be told. With affiliates and government planting ideas on how to “spin the news” can also be an issue. They have too much at stake to put it all on the line.

Bloggers, Internet posters, and citizen journalists have nothing to lose and everything to win. For the most part they are trying to get a reputation and maybe get a power trip from the access of information. Others are doing it for what they might think is the greater good. In either case, their information is unbridled and without risk. They can post whatever they like under whatever name they like and not ever hear a word about it. This freedom allows them to post whatever they see fit without worry of affiliation side effects, or legal issues. The ability to post anything and everything they want also lowers their accountability of accuracy. Some people are aware of this, where as others are blind to it and believe everything they hear.

Many have their own opinions on various news sources, and these opinions can go both ways, but there are no concrete facts except for the ones you experience yourself and no news source is going to compete with that.

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