Why People take online courses.

Online course are becoming the new way learning for students. Online courses were not even a question when my parents or grandparents were in college. Partly because the internet was not invented yet. The thing with online course is that it makes it easier for a person to get the college degree. Many people go right out of high school and start there a career because they are already living on their own and have to provide for themselves. For some high school graduates they are already trying to provide for a family. Some college student take online course because they think it is easier and that they can slack off. Many of them figure out after their first semester that they actually have to work a little bit harder because they do not have the one on one time with an instructor. For me I take online courses because it fits into my schedule more conveniently. Student still have deadline during the week that they must meet, but they are able to pace themselves how they would like to. They do not have to worry about attending a class and are able to work different scheduled hours at a job that they have. I also like doing my school work from home. I am more comfortable at my house and I am able to concentrate better. The other plus of being able to do online courses at my house is that I can always rely that I am going to find a parking spot.

I think that online a course are going to eventually take over all together. There is already an online school completely. People take the online course for different reason. Some learn better online or they just do better from their house.

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