Why The Republican Party Shouldn’t be Taken Serious

After watching the Republican party debate on Thursday I learned that most of this party is a joke. The fact that Mr. Trump is running in it speaks volumes of not only the party but the voters itself. If you have time I encourage you to at least watch the highlights of the GOP debate this pass Thursday before you read this blog. I get it its a debate there’s going to be some heated arguments and points in the debate where you are going to try to get into your opponent’s head and cut them off. On Thursday night the Republican party debate went beyond that. As a matter of a fact it was more like a high school argument in class. If you look back you see Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz actually stoop down to Donald Trumps level something I honestly thought wouldn’t happen. I don’t know but maybe its me I actually thought Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio could bring down Trump by facts and keeping their composure.

The first part of the debate started it out alright but as we go on later in to the night Senator Marco Rubio and Trump go at it like a high school debate in class. Seeing who can get the loudest while trying to prove their point. It got so bad that they were told to simmer down and not only did they ignore that request but they proceed to keep arguing.  A day or two after the debate Senator Rubio hosted a rally if you will and proceed to read the mean “tweets” from Mr. Trump while commenting on the tweets etc. This to me shows that Rubio got on his level not only once but twice. If this is what we have representing the Republican party then I am truly scared for America.


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