Worst Customer Service Experience.

I love online shopping. I take advantage of the technology available. Therefore, I appreciate the companies who have an easy return policy that allows me to return the item to the nearest store. I have been shopping at Forever 21 for years and never encountered any issues, until last Wednesday.

I had purchased a dress online. I had until the 23rd of February to send it back or return it. On this day, I went to the store and brought the dress with its tags attached as well as the receipt. The dress now has gone on sale at the store, and it is selling for half of the price that I paid for. Once I came in the store I started looking for items that I can exchange the dress for because Forever 21 does not give their customers their money back, only store credit. This process took 3 hours.

At the register, I was told that they can only credit me with the sale price because that is the store policy, even though the tag is attached and I have the receipt. I exchanged the dress anyway because it really just does not fit. I was so frustrated that I left the store in tears and called corporate, where I was told there is nothing they can do, and I find that unbelievable.

So the only way to get the full credit back is by shipping it back, which is not clearly explained anywhere. Nobody helped me with this situation, and I lost money. I was told that the district manager would call me, which didn’t happen. Making customers feel like they don’t matter is not the way to run a business. Their relatively low prices are not worth this kind of treatment, needless to say they lost my business.


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