Women From Utah Killed 7 Babies That She Gave Birth To In Over 10 years, And Then Hid Bodies In Garage

A woman in Utah was accused of killing 7 babies that she gave birth to in over 10 years. The woman hid the bodies in the garage of her home. The cop made the discovery of seven dead babies in her garage of her former home and six of them were stuffed in cardboard boxes. The woman Megan Huntsman age 39 is believed to be the mother of all the dead infants. Police suspect that the infants were killed between 1996 and 2006.

The neighbors were shocked when they found out because, they never knew that she was pregnant and she used to even babysit the grandchildren of a neighbor. She didn’t seem like that type of person. Huntsman was charged with six counts of murder. It wasn’t made clear on why she was not charged with the seventh murder. The cops were called to the house on Saturday after Huntsman’s ex-husband Darren West discovered one of the dead babies while cleaning out the garage of the home where Huntsman had previously lived.

The officers searched the garage and found six more babies in cardboard boxes. The neighbors said that Huntsman’s three older daughters aged 13 to 20, still live in the house, which is owned by Darren West’s parents. Megan Huntsman moved out of the house in 2011, and she left her daughters alone to live there to fend for themselves. The police say that the ex-husband who is believed to have fathered the infants was not a suspect in the infanticide. Roberts was recently released from prison after serving some time on drug-related charges. This is a very tragic story. The woman could’ve given her babies up for adoption if she didn’t want to keep then versus killing them after they were born. Police are going to investigate this story further to see why the woman killed her seven babies.


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