Hacker Released From Jail Due To Jurisdiction Loophole

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer is a cyber hacker who was sentenced to over 3 years in jail for hacking into and taking information from thousands of iPad owners. He hacked and AT&T public server and was able to obtain hundreds of thousands of email addressed linked to iPads. He then shared this information to online new site, Gawker. I personally think that Gawker should also be addressed for this because they knew that the addresses were not acquired in an ethical fashion.

Auernheimer was released from jail because he was tried fro his crimes in New Jersey. No one seems to know why he was charged in his crimes in New Jersey because he was in Arkansas when he accessed the server, and the servers that he hacked were located in Atlanta and Dallas. Because of this, it is difficult to decide where he should be tried, but the prosecutors had no reason doing so in any state that was not related to the crime. Since the crime of hacking is a very new thing, the laws are still trying to catch up. Hacking can be done from all over the world, it makes it very difficult to catch and prosecute these criminals. His lawyer is also arguing that the information that Auernheimer collected was publicly accessible, so it may just be a matter of ethics.

Although Auernheimer has been released, but it is possible that he will still be tried for his crimes in the appropriate state. He has already served over a year of his sentence, so what will happen next is still unknown.

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