Writing with Light: Photography, An Art available to Back Up Our Valuable Memories

Photography is a fascinating and interesting world where one of the indispensable elements is light. The word photography derives from the Greek language: photo means light and graphia means writing; therefore, photography is the art of writing with light. Light has been always being available, but the tools used to capture light have gone through an evolution process.
In today’s word it is so common to see most of the people taking pictures of every different situation with small digital cameras, cell phones, or semi-professional cameras. With the advent of the digital world, photography has become accessible and inexpensive for many people. Just fifty years ago photography was a luxury, while today an infant gets their picture taken thousands of times. If you ask to people older than fifty, most of them have just a few pictures showing them as babies.
With the comfort of getting a big quantity of pictures, we need to be careful about the way we save those beautiful memories and the ways to share them. There are three main aspects we need to keep on mind; first is how we store photos. If we take photos with a cell phone we should download them onto a computer, or find another way to back them up. It is really common to hear about people who have lost a great amount of photos in an instant—such as when a phone is lost or damaged. Another way to conserve special memories is getting professional pictures on occasion, since professionals take care to capture pictures with excellent quality resolution.
Finally, we should go back to the tradition of having albums with photos printed on quality photographic paper. These are easy ways to have our memories on hand and safe.

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