You Have To Accept Responsibility For Your Circumstances Before They Can Change

Today almost everywhere you turn people are trying to get a better life. they look to others who have been through similar struggles to help them overcome obstacles in there lives.

The advice given by these experts is always  good advice and quite often it is the same advice. However, many people still fail at achieving their goals that they have set before them. The biggest reason, in my opinion, that so many people fail at there goals is they only change externally never internally.

The greatest thing a man or woman can change is their mind, but often times many people set out to accomplish their goals by changing their circumstances. You have to realize that circumstances can only be changed by changing you. and that begins with your mind.

The focus of any individual has to be more on self-improvement not self-fulfillment. You see when we focus on changing ourselves that is self improvement, and the fulfillment when come as a by product of yourself improvement. If you don’t like your circumstances, think about how you got into the circumstance in the first place.

The very circumstances that we find ourselves in, believe it or not came from our own thinking. As Oscar Wilde said ” I ruined myself, and nobody great or small can be ruined except by his own hand”.

Finally, we have to learn to take responsibility for our circumstances in life, it is nobody’s fault but your own. There is no self help guru that can help you until you admit this to yourself.


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