Your Degree Can Open Up a Window of Opporunities

Today in my Electronic Journalism Class 2, there was a young lady who came in and said she wanted us to watch her tape. She played her tape on the computer and it was a video from US Today. The video was about the top five restaurants in Fantasy Land at Disney. It was a very crafty video and it seemed as if she had been on TV for a while. When the video was done she told us how this was her second time on television. I was literally dumb-founded.

Furthermore, she started talking about how her career with the Orlando Sentinel and how she was laid of three years ago and went into freelancing. Now she’s a traveling journalist who gets paid to go to resorts and cover stories on them. Her next story is in Switzerland. I was truly inspired by her story because it’s hard for journalist to find jobs  after being laid off.

She also spoke on the importance of  branding yourself. She said we have to utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter , and also have business cards and possibly a website. She said that we should constantly send out demo-reels to organizations during our senior year and try to land part-time work.

After hearing her speech, I realized that a degree can be utilized in more than one way. You have to be creative and think of other ways to use your talents because it’a very unlikely you will stick to one track during your career.

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