Illegal Drug Trade in Central America has Devastating Consequences on Local Forests.

The Science magazine has recently published findings indicating a somber future for the forests of Central America.

Researchers are stating that the heavy amounts of drug trafficking which is present in that area are causing the forests in such countries as Nicaragua and Honduras to grow incredibly sparse.

Unfortunately, the previously abundant and diverse trees are being cut down as drug traffickers make room for trails, roads, and room to land their planes. Reports describe that the surge in drug trafficking within Central America came about after the United States put pressure on Mexico’s drug cartels. In order to evade law enforcement, many of the smugglers moved their businesses further south.

The devastating consequences of this illegal drug trade are becoming increasingly apparent as forests are depleted causing not only damage to the lands but to wildlife as well. As more trees are removed, the negative environmental impact these actions are causing is leading some conservationists to call for a reformation of current drug policies in the United States as what they have done is to push the drug smuggling into southern regions.

Additionally, in certain areas, drug smugglers are buying off local officials in Central American countries so that they are able to get away with conducting their drug trading. Therefore, not only must work be done to rid the local areas of the crimes but within the governments as well.

Without a doubt, it is clear that more conservation efforts need to be made in order to end the deforestation occurring in these areas.

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