Lost in Translation Over Social Media

Here in the year 2014, there are more means of communication now than ever before. Mostly through computers and wireless devices.
How many ways to communicate are necessary in this day in age? I’m not proud of it, but I have three email accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a Tumblr blog to communicate with people all over the world. It is such a hassle to maintain all seven accounts. They distract me from my homework, spiritual upbringing, and time spent with family and friends. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t delete my accounts because they are helpful when networking. Social media accounts are designed to bring or world together, as a sense of community. They are not intended to misconstrue opinions and tear one another apart.
An unfortunate negative, to social media is when people’s posts aren’t perceived how the author intended. This recently happened to me when I posted a picture after I attended an event, of which I didn’t think was so controversial. One of my family members decided to Facebook message me in response to my picture and they completely misunderstood my intentions, and in return I misunderstood theirs as well.
When do we recognize how to communicate over the phone, so these situations don’t occur over social media? If I could have heard their tone of voice, or seen their body language, our conversation could have translated how it intended.
A few concepts I learned from this situation are:
1. Analyze every post in relation to anyone who may read it.
2. When responding to someone’s post, recognize the best way to communicate with him or her, even if it is through another medium of communication.

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