Raw: Natural Artists promote artists’ work

RAW: Natural Born Artists is an international community made up of creative individuals from across the globe. They welcome all genres of art and encourage the creative success of the many up and coming artists of our generation. This organization operates in over 60 cities, including Australia, Canada, and recently in London, England! Their mission is to provide artists within the first 10 years of their career all the tools, resources, and exposure needed to launch them into a successful and lifelong career.

Directors of the organization handpick and spotlight local artist talent each year. Their events come together to form a one-night “circus of creativity.” These events occur once a month in city locations all across the globe. Their events run from Feburary to October and end with their indie arts awards show, RAWards in Hollywood, California!

Smallbiz Orlando Studio will kickoff the 2014 season and the featured artist is Kathryn McHenry. Since being chosen as a RAW:Orlando artist in March of 2013, she has catapaulted her career and has won several awards and accomplishments. She loves to walk around the downtown/Thornton park district for inspiration, which comes from the developing city and the new plans for it in 2014. Her passion is capturing those developing moments through photography to document this progession. On a personal level, what makes her world go round is being surrounded by the peaceful nature, laughter shared with her family and friends, meeting new people and the joy that her dogs bring each day.

Yellow Bird Photography was created by a woman named Sarah from Ohio. She first started out as a Visual Communications student at Columbus state, but then moved to MA and attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography, from which she graduated in 2005. After graduation she moved to Orlando and has since worked with many bands and artists, as well as companies and private clients.

John Currie first started drawing at the age of two. It was intended to be a distraction for when his parents were tending to his new baby sister, and it has now turned into a full time passion. He drew on everything he could get his hands on, and when he finished middle school, he realized that it was kind of overkill, so he turned to playing the guitar instead. After playing and practicing all through high school and thinking about college, he decided on a major in art. Today, his two passions balance each other, so whether he is drawing or playing the guitar, he could not be happier with where he is.

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