Museums, Alternative Choice During A Financial Crisis

Museums are a great alternative for families and one of the most affordable things to do with the financial status of the country. Prices vary from twelve dollars for adults to even eight dollars for kids. Some of the most fabulous sculptures and paintings can be found all around the world. Places like Chicago houses paintings of magnificent quality and taste that can be enjoyed by people from all backgrounds. Famous artist like Edvard Munch offer a creative influence on myth.

The National Constitution center shows off the many contributions made by African Americans for nearly five-hundred years. Contributions include artifacts, documents, multimedia, photos and music. The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia hosted its world debut of the America I AM: The African American imprint exhibition this year on January 15, 2009, and the exhibit runs through May 3, 2009. The historical museum is 15,000 square foot is a continuation of the life changing times in courage, conviction and creativity that shows the imprint of African Americans all across the world.                                                             

 In New Haven, Connecticut Charles Darwin’s Natural Science and Visual Arts exhibit explores the impact of Darwin’s most important theories on visual artists of the nineteenth century. At  locations of the exhibit along with a call number can be found. Jacques Sarazan’s sculptures of Louis XIV at the age of five represents one of the best sculptures during the Renaisssance period. Sarazan’s work along with other well-noted sculptures from the Renaissance will be shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from now to May 24, 2009.

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