School Choice/Educational Reform

Key American educational issues in the Center for Education Reform include charter connection, school choice, the curriculum and grading schools. One educational issue I can relate to is school choice, which means a parent should be able to chose the school their child attends. The elementary school I was supposed to attend in the first grade did not rate well with the school grading. Test scores were low and most children were reading below their grade level. Of course my parents didn’t want me to go to the school, but she was told she had no choice. After fighting the situation for months with no luck, we moved for me to grow up in a great school district. There are now six school choices that exist today to provide solutions: public/private school choice vouchers, public school choice, private scholarship programs, home schooling, virtual charter schools and charter schools. However, the options may not be available to everyone due to certain restrictions.

Another increasing problem is the education curriculum in American schools. Students in American schools are failing global standards and continued lower marks on the nation’s report card. According to the CER Press Release, only 24% of 12th graders can write proficiently. It seems as though there’s something wrong with the standards if a student has been in school for 13 years and is still unable to proficiently write. The proposed solution is to allow parents to have school choice and raise the bars for all schools.

The proposed solutions seem to be aimed an attempt to change the educational practice across America through educational reform. The site gives plenty of valuable information and facts on the problem, how to help make schools better and state education. 

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