Students at the Nicholson School of Communication and Media have continued to carry the torch of success as future communicators, journalists, filmmakers, web designers and game designers. Advertising and Public Relations students were recently recognized for their work with the following awards. 

Hailey Winder and Paola Alburquerque received the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Orlando Scholarship of the year and were honored at the 2024 Orlando American Advertising Awards. In the photo (1) attached pictured from left to right are: Francita Williams, past AAF Orlando President; Teddy Johnson, current Ad 2 Orlando President, who presented the awards; Hailey, and Paola. Info about the scholarship here: Education Scholarship | ( 

Hailey Winder and Haniff Murray received a prestigious scholarship called the “365 BlackPrint Scholarship.” This renowned award is a sponsorship under the 4A Foundation (American Association of Advertising Agencies Foundation) and is sponsored by companies such as Google and Disney. The 4A’s Foundation’s initiative focuses on celebrating Black talent in the industry all 365 days of the year. 

“The Voice of Advertising Summit of AAF District 4” conference recently took place. This conference features transformative keynote speakers, impactful networking and personal and professional development workshops. 

Part of the conference is called “Ad Path Student Conference” which hosts advertising students from across Florida. Ad Path is an in-person student conference which provides college students a deep look into the many advertising career paths, ways to stand out when applying for jobs, and the opportunity to mingle with industry experts and fellow students from across the state. 

One of the panels at that conference was called “Navigating the Industry: Perspectives from Young Advertising Professionals.” The panel was presented by Ariana Peters, a customer success manager at Catalina Marketing and the chair of Ad 2 National. The panel speakers, pictured in attached (2) from left to right, were: Haniff Murray, UCF Ad/PR senior; Hailey Winder, Dani Pickett, UCF alumni and current Senior Digital Strategist at Avenue Z; and Jaya Wilson, UCF Ad/PR senior. [Ariana Peters in on the far right] 

Congratulations to our hard-working Ad/PR students! 


By Majdulina Hamed.

Published to Nicholson News on May 7th, 2024.

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