Graduate Game Design Degree

FIEA is a place where game development and great dreams meet. Where student artists, programmers, tech artists and producers make tomorrow’s games and get a master’s degree doing it. All overseen by faculty who are industry veterans.

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See also Games and Interactive Media. UCF offers related programs including an undergraduate specialization in Game Design and a Master of Arts in Digital Media.

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Serious Fun

Our graduate students don’t just complete assignments, they make games and interactive projects that entertain and educate. See all the award-winning artwork, games and projects that FIEA students create every day.

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Your Place For Answers

Our advisors can put you on the right path and in the right class. We offer undergraduate and graduate advising. You can walk-in or make an appointment.

Services include academic advising, limited access program admission counseling, degree audit interpretation, course override assistance and many other services.

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