When you’ve got questions about needed courses, internships and study abroad opportunities, visit the Nicholson Academic Student Services Center (NASSC). They’ve got answers.

Academic advisors provide comprehensive academic counseling covering topics such as limited access program admission, degree audit interpretation, course override or substitution assistance, and registration.

Undergraduate Advising

Phone: 407-823-2681
Email: nassc@ucf.edu
Location: NSC 143

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Graduate Advising

All current and prospective NSCM graduate students may contact Kelsey Loftus at nicholsongrad@ucf.edu for graduate advising.

Phone: 407-823-5595
Email: nicholsongrad@ucf.edu
Location: NSCM 238

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Visit our Undergraduate Advising Resources page for files and forms pertaining to program info and advising, internships, scholarships and more.

Undergraduate Advising Resources


Limited Admission Application Deadlines

Ad/PR, Journalism and R/TV

  • Fall Term: June 1
  • Summer Term: February 1
  • Spring Term: October 1

Film BFA

  • Beginning of December
Apply to Limited-Access Programs

Undergraduate Admission

There are several limited-access programs in the Nicholson School of Communication and Media that require a separate application and course prerequisites in order to be accepted into the major. In other cases, only a change of major request is required. Refer to individual program pages for program-specific requirements.

Students seeking admission into limited-access programs are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the Nicholson Academic Student Services Center at least once per semester to ensure they remain on track to qualify for these programs.

NSCM Open House

The Nicholson School of Communication and Media (NSCM) open house events consist of a presentation of our undergraduate programs given by our academic advisors and a preview of our facilities. The NSCM open house events will be held one Friday morning each month and will last approximately 2.5 hours. The NSCM open house events are open to prospective students and their guests. To reserve your seat(s) at an NSCM open house event, please RSVP through the following form.

If you have questions, contact 407-823-2681.