• B.A.
  • Film and Mass Media Program


The B.A. in Film offers courses in film theory, history and criticism. The aim of the program is to give students a broad and in-depth knowledge of these areas. The emphasis is on the aesthetics, styles and forms of film. The first two years of the program provide students with a general background and introduction. In the second two years, the program concentrates on the analysis of specific film practices such as editing, color, sound, staging, cinematography, narrative form and theoretical and historical perspectives.

In the advanced courses, student learning will be verbal and visual, written and practical. Students are expected to have access to a digital video camera and an editing suite. Courses are sequenced and coordinated over the period of the degree enabling students to build on their learning in a progressive and coherent manner. An Honors Dissertation is an option in the final year.

Students of Film have the advantage of stimulus and interaction with faculty and students in other disciplines and the opportunity to take elective courses in these areas. The emphasis on film form and the integration of theoretical/historical and practical studies in the UCF program makes it unique and innovative.



Application Process

  1. Apply to UCF Undergraduate Admissions

    The Film B.A. is an open major and does not require a separate application form. Interested students can apply to UCF through Undergraduate Admissions and select Film as your prospective major.

  2. Declare your Major

    Upon acceptance to UCF, declare Motion Picture, B.A. (aka Film, B.A.) for your degree. When declaring or changing your major to Film, please choose Nicholson School of Communication and Media. Eventually, you will have to declare a minor as well.