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From the moment you choose the Media Production and Management major, you are a part of the show. Whether you’re planning for a career behind the camera or in the business side of the industry, the Nicholson School of Communication will provide you with the skills you need to successfully launch a career in radio or television.

Our MPM graduates are prepared for careers in videography, producing, directing and managing broadcast and electronic media properties.



This track is designed for students who wish to employ electronic or digital media equipment to communicate messages. Either audio or video production may be emphasized. Students should pick this major if they want to be producers/directors, videographers, editors, or other audio/video recording specializations. This track directly involves training and competency in the use of broadcast studio and field production equipment.

Media Management and Operations

This track is designed for students who want to work in some aspect of radio-television other than news or production. Students may seek opportunities in broadcast or cable management, sales, promotion, or programming.

How to Apply

The Production and Media Management and Operations major is a limited-access program. This means that only students who meet additional admission requirements will be accepted into the major. The media production and management major offers two specialized tracks: production and generalist. For more information about these tracks and courses offered, please visit the program background page. All students, in both tracks, are required to take a general core of courses designed to give each major a background in communication fundamentals. It is not necessary to complete all the core courses prior to taking courses in one of the tracks; however, some track courses depend on core courses as prerequisites. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure prerequisite courses are completed.

Admission to the media production and management program is based on a competitive cumulative GPA. The GPA that is required for each program varies with the number of applicants per semester. The GPA cutoff for acceptance is typically 3.5 for the broadcast journalism track, 3.3 for the production track and 3.0 for the generalist track.

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • 30 credit hours must be earned in order to apply.
  • Student must have completed or be enrolled in the following course: RTV 3007 (Development and Structure of Electronic Media). *Please note: admission is contingent upon successful completion with a “C” or better in each course.
  • See the program entry in the UCF catalog for complete admission requirements.
Limited-Access Program Application


Learn Real-World Skills in a Real-World Environment

The media production and management studio and production facilities opened in 1999 as a centerpiece of the new $14 million communication building. The facility was equipped with state-of-the-art analog and digital technology through a combination of public and private funding. A unique partnership with Panasonic Broadcast Systems along with a major donation from the Harris Corporation facilitated the outfitting of the facility. Financial contributions from Darden Restaurants, WOFL-TV, WFTV-TV, Cox Radio and WESH-TV were also critical. The primary mission of the media production and management production facility is to support instruction and access to the facility is normally restricted to media production and management majors and faculty.

In the summer of 2012, major upgrades happened in the NSC studio and newsroom. UCF awarded technology enhancement grants for two major projects at the Nicholson School of Communication: Phase 1 of the multimedia newsroom and High Definition (HD) upgrades to the NSC studio.

The multimedia newsroom project created a new learning laboratory for news students in the media production and management and journalism areas. Phase 1 of the project focused on adding new computer equipment and editing facilities for students in both capstone news experiences. Students will work on expanding the online and broadcast news product from the Nicholson School.

The HD upgrades to the NSC studio included HD cameras and a new digital switcher in the production control facility. With this equipment, MPM students are able to produce programs in widescreen HD as part of their coursework and projects.

Equipment Checkout and Facility Calendar


Internships Begin Successful Careers

Internships are often the beginning of successful careers for students. The majority of internships are taken for academic credit and the academic department helps find, approves the internship and supervises the intern.

Internships must be approved by MPM faculty and are not granted until the student completes the coursework appropriate to the internship experience (see below). This usually means sometime during the student’s late junior or senior year of enrollment. Internships are available at a variety of broadcast and non-broadcast entities in the Orlando/Central Florida area, such as WESH, WDBO and Golf Channel. Students residing outside the Orlando area may apply for summer internships in their area, state or country of residence.

It is strongly recommended that the internship candidate meet with a MPM faculty advisor prior to interviewing with the prospective intern provider. Internship candidates must submit internship paperwork in person to the faculty advisor. Internship paperwork not submitted in person will not be approved.

We strongly encourage any interested applicants to read through the paperwork and speak with a faculty member before pursuing an internship.

Internship Packet and Other Resources