For most students, the end of the semester is marked by a final exam proving their understanding of the course material taught throughout the semester. However, for students in the digital media program the best way to show their understanding of the course material is through a project showcase.

Both digital media tracks, web design and game design, held their own student showcase at the end of April. Participants had the opportunity to view and test the students’ projects, providing constructive feedback and encouraging praise for the hard work they had done.

Web Design
The Web Design showcase kicked off first, taking the form of an exhibit room. Teams had their projects on display throughout the room, with a functioning demo available on both laptops and cell phones.

The range of applications on display included a national park guide (with a functioning park map feature), a restaurant searcher with filters (to find places to eat while traveling) and a new take on finding upcoming events at UCF.

Each application showed professional design and functionality. Its hard to believe at a first glance that they were student made projects instead of commercially available applications.

Game Design
A couple of days later the Game Design showcase was underway. Instead of having individual stations, each team presented a trailer of their game followed by a few words from team leaders.

The games covered a plethora of familiar genres while adding something unique thanks to the talent and imagination of each team. Some examples include a murder mystery game from the eyes of a clever cat, a western-style puzzle-shooter with rowdy spirits and a first-person shooter/parkour action game that lets you swap minds with your enemies to progress.

We have put together a playlist of some of the game trailers here. The other games are listed below, and all of them are available to play on Steam now!

  • Relict by Cycana Games
  • Interweaver by Aurora Interactive
  • Crimson Hell by The Vanished Moths
  • Belladonna by Gambit Studios
  • Cat Meoir: Feline Detective by Scratch and Claw Studios
Teams from both showcases were proud and excited to talk about their projects. The confidence in and professional presentation of their work is a clear indication of the passion these students have for their craft.

The teams were also not shy about voicing their gratitude for the faculty that taught and mentored them along the way. These showcases would not have come together without the hard work and dedication they devote to their students.

By Ryan Fox.

Published to Nicholson News on May 7th, 2024.

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